Despite the reference to the Ijebu tribe of Nigeria, The Ijebu Initiative is really not about the Ijebu tribe. At least not entirely.
As a matter of fact, only 2 of the founding members have Ijebu ancestry. One member isn't even Yoruba (Parent tribe of the Ijebus).
Our Director of Photography/Camera isn't even of African descent! Well, actually EVERYONE is of African descent, in this case we mean of the present black race.

There were a number of reasons for choosing the name, including the fact that this project was initially about discovering the accomplishments of the Ijebus.
We however discovered early on that there was a lot more to tell about the African people as a whole and thus decided to widen our scope.
There was also the appeal of using the name of a tribe for a frontal assault on misinformation and miseducation [sic].

However, the main reason we are using the Ijebu name is because it is not only catchy but also pretty damn cool!

So what is the Ijebu Initiative? Our primary goal is to create a repository that catalogs events as they truly occurred in history.
The contents of the repository shall not only be available online but shall also be used as fodder in the creation of documentaries and docudramas. Should our budget actually improve, we may eventually make big screen movies.

Most people, at some time or another, have come across materials in the form of news articles or books that totally contradict history as they were taught.

What were the Africans doing when the Europeans were supposedly doing all the advancing in civilization? Were the Africans merely content with living in subsistence as savages or were they making advancements of their own? Were they possibly more advanced?
How much of the African accomplishment really has been lost and how much is buried, deliberately or otherwise?

What was the real agenda when the Europeans began relinquishing control of African countries? Why were seemingly conflicting tribes bundled together to form countries? What were the reasons behind the western world's involvement in the affairs of African countries? To discourage Marxism, Communism and promote their own ideology? Or was it to merely ensure preferential treatment for their indigenous companies?

What is the REAL agenda of the IMF? To promote economic growth or to handcuff, castrate and then prepare the recipient country so it could be sodomized? Why is it that the IMF policies never do any good anywhere? Are they really cowboys that can't shoot straight or is it deliberate?

The above are typical questions whose answers we are searching for. The idea behind the Initiative is to archive the truth so that never again would we be restricted to the lies that were retold till they morphed into truth.

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